Executive Council

The Executive Council, chaired by the Group CEO and comprising the members of the Bayer AG Board of Management and the CEOs of the three subgroups Bayer HealthCare, Bayer CropScience and Bayer MaterialScience

Dr. Olivier Brandicourt1

Chief Executive Officer, Bayer HealthCare
Olivier Brandicourt studied medicine and biology in Paris and has worked as a practicing physician. Having ­begun his industrial career in 1987 at Parke-Davis/Warner-Lambert, he subsequently joined Pfizer, where he held positions of increasing responsibility, becoming a member of its Executive Leadership Team in 2010. Brandicourt took over as Chief Executive Officer of Bayer HealthCare in November 2013.

Johannes Dietsch

Chief Financial Officer of Bayer

Johannes Dietsch completed his training with Bayer as a commercial assistant and business administrator in 1984. He subsequently held various manage­rial positions within the company, including one in Japan. In 2002 Dietsch took over as Head of the Finance Department in the Corporate Center, and in 2011 he became Senior Bayer Representative and CFO of Bayer in China. He was appointed to the Bayer Board of Management in September 2014.

Dr. Marijn Dekkers

Chief Executive Officer of Bayer

Marijn Dekkers studied chemistry and chemical engineering in ­Nijmegen and Eindhoven. After gaining a Ph.D., he began a career in research with General Electric in the United States. Having held various positions in the United States, latterly as Chief Executive Officer and President of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Dekkers took over as Chief Executive Officer of Bayer in October 2010.

Werner Baumann1

Strategy and Portfolio Management · Europe region

Werner Baumann studied economics in Aachen and Cologne, joining ­Bayer AG in 1988. After holding ­positions of increasing responsibility in Spain and the United States, he became a member of the Board of Management of Bayer HealthCare and its Labor Director. He was appointed to the Board of Management in 2010, first as Chief Financial Officer and from October 2014 as Chief Strategy and Portfolio Officer.

Patrick Thomas

Chief Executive Officer, Bayer MaterialScience
Patrick Thomas studied engineering at Oxford University. He began his career with Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI). Positions held by Thomas in­clude that of CEO of ICI Polyure­thanes and Corporate Executive Vice President of Huntsman Matlin Patterson. Thomas took over as Chief Executive Officer of Bayer MaterialScience in ­January 2007.

Kemal Malik

Innovation · North and Latin America regions

Kemal Malik studied medicine and worked in a London hospital. After holding different positions of increasing responsibility at Bristol­-Myers Squibb, he joined Bayer in 1995. In 2007 Malik became a member of the Executive Committee, Head of Global Development and Chief Medical Officer of Bayer HealthCare. He was appointed to the Bayer Board of Management in February 2014.

Liam Condon

Chief Executive Officer, Bayer CropScience

Liam Condon studied International Business at Dublin City University and the Technical University of Berlin. He held various positions of increasing responsibility with the former Schering AG, Berlin, Germany, and with Bayer HealthCare in Europe and Asia, in­cluding Managing Director of Bayer HealthCare China and Head of Bayer HealthCare in Germany. Condon took over as Chief Executive Officer of ­Bayer CropScience in December 2012.

Michael König2

Human Resources · Technology and Sustainability · Asia/Pacific, Africa and Middle East regions

Michael König studied chemical ­process engineering in Dortmund, joining Bayer in 1990. After holding positions of increasing responsi­bility, he transferred to China in 2000 as a General Manager. In 2007 König ­became Senior Bayer Representative, and from 2011 he headed up the Polycarbonates Business Unit of ­Bayer MaterialScience in Shanghai. He was appointed to the Bayer Board of Management in April 2013.



Dr. Olivier Brandicourt will leave the company on March 31, 2015. Werner Baumann will become Chairman of Bayer HealthCare effective April 1, 2015 in addition to his function as a member of the Bayer Board of Management.

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