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Financial Statements

Bayer Group Consolidated Income Statements

   [Table 4.1]
  € million€ million
Net sales[7]40,15742,239
Cost of goods sold (19,516)(20,266)
Gross profit 20,64121,973
Selling expenses[8](10,312)(11,018)
Research and development expenses[9](3,406)(3,574)
General administration expenses (1,712)(1,741)
Other operating income[10]887716
Other operating expenses[11](1,164)(850)
EBIT1 4,9345,506
Equity-method loss[13.1](16)(13)
Financial income 389343
Financial expenses (1,100)(1,311)
Financial result [13](727)(981)
Income before income taxes 4,2074,525
Income taxes[14](1,021)(1,082)
Income after income taxes 3,1863,443
of which attributable to non-controlling interest[15](3)17
of which attributable to Bayer AG stockholders (net income) 3,1893,426
Earnings per share[16]  
Basic 3.864.14
Diluted 3.864.14
2013 figures restated
1 EBIT: earnings before financial result and taxes
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